Our company specializes in production process automation. On request, we design and manufacture a variety of cabinets and develop programs based on process requirements.
New series of Emerson drives, are designed specially for industrial applications and solutions. Each model of Unidrive M is adapted to the specific requirements of each industrial sector.
Leroy Somer offers a wide range of electric motors, ranging from IE2 induction motors and ending with permanent magnet synchronous motors DYNEO, which are more efficient than the IE4 NEMA Premium motors (power consumption reduced by at least 10% and the size of the body has become much smaller).

Compact and quick PLC system

With its introduction the new MICRO PLC from VIPA Controls launches a new product series and again raises the segment of the VIPA MICRO controllers to a new level. Designed as a stand-alone PLC it stands out because of its modern design, its compact size, its high performance, and its high channel density. Thus the user receives a multiplicity of performance in a very small space and at a very attractive price. The new MICRO PLC will replace the well-proven but aging System 100V.

  • Stand-alone PLC
  • Up to date, pleasing, and functional design
  • Extremly compact construction size
  • Very high performance with SPEED7 technology
  • Fast backplane bus connection of 48 MBit/s
  • 30 integrated I/Os on board:
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 12 digital outputs
  • 2 analog inputs (0 – 10 V)
  • Technology functions: 2x PWM, 4x counter 100kHz
  • CPU expandable up to max. 8 modules
  • Detachable connection plug with spring terminal and push-in technology
  • Bluetooth communication for diagnosis & visualization
  • 2-port Ethernet switch
  • Optional 2x RS485 module for MPI and PtP and optional PROFIBUS slave
  • 64 up to 128 kByte remanent work memory and 128 kByte load memory
  • Full STEP7 compatible – supports IL, LAD, FBD, SCL and GRAPH7
  • Programmable with SPEED7 Studio, SIMATIC manager and TIA Portal
  • Very good price / performance ratio
Searchlight control distribution boxes are designed to provide lighting at the Latvian Railway loading terminal.
Lighting is controlled manually from the operator control cabinet or in automatic mode, after the twilight sensor.
The control system is equipped with two control panels, one located in the security room, other in terminal controll room. Operating modes can be changed only by dispatcher in the control room.

This is our latest automated solution developed by request of the Italian firm. This control cabinet is designed for the automation equipment for fast freezing. The system works using a Siemens PLC, and motors are controlled by Emerson frequency drives. In a separate cabinet is located integrated display by which you can set needed speed and duration of the freeze. The process of freezing is controlled, taking into account the climate and reported if the product quality may deteriorate. The system also provides a process stop in an emergency.


As everyone knows, scientific academic center of the University of Latvia has recently been put into operation, which currently is one of the most modern buildings in the Baltic States. We also had a hand in the creation of this center, we developed and installed the automation irrigation systems for pumps.



Our management system is designed to provide safe and cost-effective pressure maintenance. The system operates using only Emerson drive and pressure sensor. Our developed program calculates how fast the pump must rotate to maintain the necessary pressure. This means that the pump isn't switching on / off, but will rotate at a predetermined speed while maintaining a constant, preset pressure in the system. At the same time, if the water flow drops to a minimum, the pump will slowly stop (without creating a water hammer, which are the main cause of damage to the pipeline). By lowering the pressure, the pump will turn on again. 




Capability of this smoke fan control system is 5.5kW fan. Sensor measures air rarity in pipes and consequently regulate the speed. If fan stops, it's notified by inductive sensor, which measures the fan speed, begins to blink at the top of switchgear installed red warning light. This solution takes fuller combustion by reducing the quantity of fuel used, and reduces the amount of electricity wasted by the fan operation.



The system is designed to manage large pellet burners, to ensure efficient combustion with the least power consumption. For monitoring system integrated multiple temperature sensors and air pressure sensors. Based on the data sent by these sensors, the system calculates the required amount of fuel and air supply, which is precisely controlled, it operates using Emerson drives, and our developed algorithm.