Our company specializes in production process automation. On request, we design and manufacture a variety of cabinets and develop programs based on process requirements.
New series of Nidec drives, are designed specially for industrial applications and solutions. Each model of Unidrive M is adapted to the specific requirements of each industrial sector.
Leroy Somer offers a wide range of electric motors, ranging from IE2 induction motors and ending with permanent magnet synchronous motors DYNEO, which are more efficient than the IE4 NEMA Premium motors (power consumption reduced by at least 10% and the size of the body has become much smaller).
EMT - CADS Electric
They work well in extreme conditions and sending additional signals over the Internet

Control system for smoke fan



Capability of this smoke fan control system is 5.5kW fan. Sensor measures air rarity in pipes and consequently regulate the speed. If fan stops, it's notified by inductive sensor, which measures the fan speed, begins to blink at the top of switchgear installed red warning light. This solution takes fuller combustion by reducing the quantity of fuel used, and reduces the amount of electricity wasted by the fan operation.